Commercial Property Inspections

Highly trained and experienced Las Vegas commercial property inspections, and an extensively detailed report with added research and analysis. We provide everything you need to make an informed investment decision.

Every Commercial Building Inspection starts with a detailed field inspection that includes exterior site grading and parking, irrigation systems, an evaluation of structural conditions, a detailed roof inspection, an evaluation of main incoming electrical service equipment and distribution panels, lighting fixtures and receptacles, plumbing drain and supply, and water heating systems, HVAC equipment evaluation, insulation and ventilation of attic spaces – and this is just a short list of all the items we inspect. We also research historical information gathered from a pre-inspection interview with the seller or property maintenance staff. Every report comes with an expertly and professionally detailed, full color report, with an up-front executive summary and gallery of photo’s highlighting the major findings. Estimates for repairs can also be provided at your request.

Whether you’re an owner, investor, lender, asset manager, property manager, leasing agent or landlord, you can rely on Vesta to provide the most thorough, accurate and professionally detailed assessment of your commercial investment.

Commercial Building Inspection Services for Las Vegas include:

Commercial Building Inspection Las VegasComprehensive Building Inspection
A thorough, top to bottom inspection that includes testing and evaluation of all commercial building systems and major components. This includes Site Drainage, Parking, Structural Systems, Exteriors, HVAC systems, Roofing, Plumbing, Electrical, Ventilation and Insulation – and more.

BuildFax Property HistoryEvaluation of Records
Evaluation of historical information gathered from a site point-of-contact interview to determine building maintenance and up-keep, roof replacement, current or prior water intrusion or mold issues, alterations and additions, prior litigation, site hazards, construction defects and permitting issues.

Moisture Intrusion Testing Las VegasMoisture Intrusion Testing (as needed)
Commercial and industrial properties can experience the same problems of moisture intrusion and therefore mold growth. Periodic inspections and testing are a must for many larger commercial and industrial structures. Restaurants, child and elder care facilities, hotels and other specialty service structures may require periodic (annual or bi-annual) inspections so that air quality is assured.

Thermal Imaging Commercial Las VegasThermal Imaging (as needed)
Vesta Inspection uses infrared (IR) thermal imaging to pinpoint and document the exact location of problems. Infrared technology enables the inspector to document and report findings with images.  IR technology  combines an infrared image with a visual image for enhanced identification, analysis and reporting.

Contractor Meeting Las VegasRepair Follow-ups  & Re-inspections
If needed, we can arrange follow-up inspections with licensed contractors. Re-inspections never hurt.   If the seller is going to make repairs, they’re probably going to do the least amount of work possible, use the least amount of money possible, and the repairs will often be sub-par or just plain unacceptable.  If the repairs are being done by the seller, we strongly recommend a re-inspection.

Commercial Building Permits Las VegasDocument Research
If requested, we’ll provide additional research and documentation for building permits, certificate of occupancy, verification of life/safety (e.g. fire control) inspections and verification of permits for additions, conversions or renovations.

Commercial Building Inspection Report Las VegasFull Color Report
An expertly and professionally detailed full color report, with an up-front executive summary and gallery of photo’s highlighting the major findings.

Pricing – Commercial Building Inspection Las Vegas

The price of a commercial building inspection depends on the square footage of the structure, the age of the building, the complexity of the structure, the type and number of interior and exterior components, and the level of inspection detail or additional research desired. Pricing is developed after the property details and client needs are gathered. Please call, text or email us to request a quote

Deciding to have a commercial building inspection in Las Vegas is one of the best decisions you will make.  You can rely on Vesta to help you make an informed and intelligent decision!